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Commercial HVAC Services

Our Commercial HVAC Service services are performed by some of the most highly trained and experienced Commercial HVAC Service technicians in the business, ensuring that every job is completed right the first time, every time. From attending to small details and routine maintenance, to completing major repairs and installations, Schaus provides the exceptional Commercial HVAC Service your business demands, and the proactive attention it deserves.


Maintaining HVAC equipment is not only vital for the continuous and smooth operation of your utilities, it can also help you avoid the costs of major repairs or replacements. At Schaus, we understand your need to keep expenses down while ensuring that everything is in optimum working condition. That is why we provide commercial HVAC service with only your best interests in mind. As your maintenance service provider, our mission is to provide dependable and efficient operation of your HVAC equipment. We will recommend you replace equipment only when it’s absolutely necessary – such as for improving efficiency, maintaining dependability, or meeting changes in loads or requirements. Our routine HVAC maintenance services combine the comprehensive assessment of maintenance issues with upkeep tailored to your system.

  • Plan and Spec project estimates
  • Value engineering
  • Energy Management Systems
  • System Design services
  • Code compliance review services
  • Computerized ductwork fabrication
  • Computerized duct fitting layout
  • System start-up & Commissioning
  • Automatic Routine Maintenance programs
  • Budget estimating
  • HVAC load calculations
  • Office project support staff
  • Engineer sealed drawings
  • Piping, Water / Steam / Under Floor Radiation
  • Energy Consulting
  • Complete Commercial HVAC Systems
  • Light Commercial Refrigeration
  • Rooftop Heating & Cooling Equipment

Our Area of Maintenance Service Coverage

Currently, our range for commercial HVAC service and equipment maintenance encompasses Manitowoc, etc. We often extend this range when we can assist our customers in solving problems in other areas. We frequently travel considerably further for installations and replacements at the request of our customers. Our 94 years of dedicated services in the Northeast Wisconsin region has earned the trust of leading businesses, institutions, government facilities and property owners. With a strong commercial base and client loyalty that spans decades. We are dedicated to proving that choosing Schaus was the right decision. If you’re having trouble with your HVAC system or simply require a service, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can also call us at (920) 684-5559 to schedule an inspection.

Replacement and Installation

Are your utility bills going through the roof for no particular reason? Do you spend more and more on repairs that don’t solve your commercial heating and cooling problems? We have been helping businesses and facilities with the same problems for decades. We know that the solution lies in the thorough assessment conducted by our certified HVAC experts to identify in your heating and cooling system problems.

There are times when equipment replacement is justified to eliminate recurring mechanical problems or to improve energy efficiency. Each year, we replace a number of units for customers whose equipment is beyond economical repair or replaced under scheduled replacement programs. We would appreciate the opportunity to provide these services for your facilities as well.

Proudly Serving Manitowoc County and the Surrounding Communities