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Schaus Can Improve Your Air Quality

Schaus carries a wide variety of products for indoor air quality. Everything from Ultra Violet lights, dehumidifiers, and a wide range of air filters along with many other IAQ solutions for your home. Surprisingly, your allergies or asthma can be caused or irritated by the air you breathe within your home. Taking the time to talk about IAQ products to improve that air quality could improve you and your family’s health and comfort. Schaus has experts to help discover the correct solution for you.

EPA studies indicate indoor air pollution is two to five times higher than outdoor levels. Indoor air is recycled over and over, trapping dust, pollen, mold, pet dander and more. Many indoor air pollutants are invisible; they can seriously impact your health and quality of life.

Why Is Your Indoor Air Quality Poor?

Homes are built to be airtight to save on energy during the winter and summer. This keeps the air in–as well as any contaminants that have made their way into your home. Ventilation is important to keep indoor air fresh, but it can also pave the way for pollutants to enter your home.

Common reasons your home has poor indoor air quality:

  • Dirty HVAC ducts
  • Pet dander and saliva
  • Fumes from chemical cleaning agents


The humidity in your home needs to be balanced. In dry climates, or during dry seasons in any climate, a humidifier helps balance your indoor humidity so the air has the right level of moisture. Dry air, along with other contaminants, can cause nosebleeds and dry lips, throats, and skin. An extremely dry climate can also damage wooden features such as furniture, floors, cabinets, and pianos. It can also cause paint and wallpaper to crack and peel.

UV Air Sanitizers

As with any system that is used to purify indoor air, the most effective way is through a whole-house approach. These comprehensive systems only require maintenance once a year.

UV light has served as a disinfectant in hospitals and other commercial areas. Today, it is available for the home as well through whole-house UV air sanitizers, which are installed to complement your HVAC system. The UV air sanitizer solves the problem of constantly circulating contaminated air.

  • They are installed in the existing HVAC ductwork, so your air is constantly being purified
  • They effectively break the structure of microorganisms, killing them so you can breathe cleaner air all the time
  • They work with a system of air filters and vents to stop other pollutants
  • They eliminate almost all germs inside the ventilation system

Indoor Air Services

Start enjoying clean air in your home every day. Contact our Indoor Air Specialists today!

Our Quality Indoor Air Services Include:

  • Air to Air Exchanger – Service, Sales & Installation
  • Zone Dampers & Control Systems
  • CO Detector Sales & Installation
  • Outer Heating and AC
  • Ductwork – Service, Sales & Installation
  • Air Purification & Filtration
  • Humidifiers /Dehumidifiers
  • Proudly Serving Manitowoc County and the Surrounding Communities