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Protect Your Investment

An ongoing regular inspection and maintenance program can help assure that your roof will achieve its longest potential service life.

Roof inspections are conducted by our professionally trained roofing experts and include a detailed search for issues requiring roof repair as well as those conditions that may cause the integrity of your roof to fail and leak in the future. Schaus can help you keep your roof functioning properly and securely for many years to come.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance Program

A regular inspection and maintenance program can help you

  • Extend the life of your existing roof
  • Assure effective manufacturer warranties
  • Document and establish roof condition, serving as a benchmark for future roof evaluation
  • Protect building contents
  • Protect roof insulation, preventing heating/cooling losses
  • Identify and address safety concerns
  • Identify and repair minor problems, which left unchecked, could lead to more extensive repairs
  • Provide information for budgeting of maintenance and replacement roofing


How to Handle a Roofing Emergency

  • Stay safe. Don’t go near downed electrical lines. Don’t operate or even touch electrical equipment if you are standing in water. Vacate any part of the house where structural damage has occurred.
  • Protect valued possessions when possible. If damage is causing water to leak into your house, move or protect what you can.
  • Take photos. Having a visual record of roof damage can be helpful when making insurance claims.
  • Call in a roofing expert. Experienced professionals at Schaus are ready to inspect your roof, work with your insurance agent, and advise you about repair options.

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