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Installation & Services for Flat & Low-Slope Roofs

A successful low-slope roofing system starts with selection of the appropriate system for the structure, taking into account decking, proper slope, drainage, insulation needs, adequate foot traffic protection, ease of maintenance, and more.

Roofing Professionals

Flat and low-slope roofs present unique issues. The roofing materials must be completely impervious to water penetration and applied to provide a seamless, sealed, continuous cover for the roof. In Wisconsin, the large amount of snow presents additional considerations, since accumulated snow remains on the roof, slowly melting. That melted water must be able to drain from the roof, and the roofing material must keep it from penetrating into the building’s interior.

Our in-house sheet metal fabrication shops support the needs of our roofing professionals, crafting custom-fitted architectural sheet metal details. This assures a quality, watertight installation.

Schaus successfully installs, inspects, maintains, and repairs low-sloped roofing of all types, including:

  • BUR (Built-up Roofing)
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single-ply
  • Cold-applied
  • Metal

Proudly Serving Manitowoc County and the Surrounding Communities